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Who we are:

The Bronson Project is most famous for our effective online workout programs. People all around the world has discovered and completed several of our programs. We like to combine challenging workouts with fun and new ideas to keep it interesting. 


Out workout plans and nutrition program focuses on making you stronger, healthier and more functional, as well as leaner and more muscle-toned. We believe in making fitness fun and effective, a program that's boring and leavers you without results is a program that lasts for about 5 minutes. That's not us…



What do I get?


Our programs run for 12 weeks and divided into three phases of four weeks each for optimal results. Each phase has a different focus; building muscle, gaining strength and finally high intensity fat burn. During the program you will learn how, and get used to, training harder and more focused. 

You will  spend most of your training in the gym using free weights and a few machines. 


We have had some amazing results with our members and we are proud to say that most people come back for yet another challenge, since we always update the program for each 12 week challenge (The Bronson Project).


When can I start?


We start a new program on the first Monday of every month. We have 10 starts per year. During the summer (june-July) we always do a Free summer workout project for our community.



Upcoming starts you can sign up for:


September 3rd 2018

Oktober 1st 2018

November 5th 2018

December 3rd 2018

Januari 7th 2019

Februari 4th 2019

Mars 4th 2019

April 1st 2019
May 6th 2019





What about nutrition?


What you eat is one of the most important things to a healthy body and mind. We got you covered on this one as well. When you sign up, you can pick a program that includes a nutrition program, customized to your needs. English and  Swedish at the moment. 


We don’t believe in diets!


To be able to train hard and get stronger, you need to eat a lot more than you might think. So our recipes are based on good and healthy cooking that will enable you to get the energy you need to train and perform all through the day.


Once you have joined The Bronson Project, you are never alone. You’ll find help, support and motivation online together with the others of your group.


You access the program through our web page or our app, and there are videos explaining the movement of all exercises. The Bronson Project has been developed over many years and we are confident will help you improve, but don't take our word for it, please read the reviews that we have been getting.


We also have some really cool and great quality sportswear. You guys kept asking for it so we decided to make it. 



Sound great, how do I get started with my plan?


Ready to start?


1. Sign up on out website,


2. Download the app "The Bronson Project" (AppStore or GooglePlay) 


3.  Choose your plan in our store (website) and purchase your plan in our online shop. You can choose from paying it all or by weekly subscription.


4. Send us a email (below) when the payment is done and when you like to start.


That's it!  

Email us at if you have any questions 


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